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PE Courses and Resources

PEfocus helps teachers to successfully deliver A Level PE

PEfocus is passionate about the quality of everything we do

PEfocus brings an unrivalled wealth of:

  • Professional excellence

  • Purposeful and empowering courses

  • Powerful and effective resources

What we offer

New Spec Teacher Resources

Teacher Courses

“Revise on the Go” with PEpods (not new spec)


Latest News


  • Apr142016

    New OCR Spec AS / GCE Resources available at different times between June and September 2016

    We’re excited to announce that our ever popular, trusted, tried and tested Teacher Resource Files(TRFs) are currently being re-written / completely overhauled …

    Read more
  • Feb282015

    Back by Popular Demand

    Thursday 24 March 2016 A National one day specialist event for all of us who are passionate about A-Level Physical Education.…

    Read more

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